Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Poor Hannibal Loakter!

Poor Loki! Accidentally left him outside earlier this evening. Let all the other dogs come in and thought I counted four, but I didn't. Busy doing stuff in the kitchen and didn't notice.

About ten minutes later, I walked back into the office and he wasn't in there. No Loki in the kitchen, bathroom, or front room, either. Asked Paul where he was. He didn't know.

Opened the front door, and there stood Loki on the front porch, all wigged out and full of anxiety. I felt *terrible* over it!

Britt, you know how he jumps up on you and he growls a nervous growl? Well, he did that for a long time with Paul and me. He was upset over the whole ordeal, and I can't say I blame him one bit.

Poor Hannibal Loakter*! ;-(

(*One of many nicknames we have for Loki.) 

Cast of characters in Meet the Sninchaks

Cast of Characters (as of 2015, so adjust accordingly)


Paul Sninchak, age 46 - husband
Bev Sninchak, age 50 - wife
Brittany, age 23 - Bev's daughter, Paul's stepdaughter
Jonathan, age 26 - Bev's son, Paul's stepson

Harley - Ring-necked dove
Isis - Black cat, 14 years old
Lucy - Orange cat, senior - *Updated: Lucy passed the end of 2015. Rest in peace :(*
Cosmo - Rottie/Staffy dog, 6 years old
Bandit - Britt's dog - Sheepdog mix (unsure if Aussie or Border Collie + something else), 4 years old
Loki - Sheepdog mix (Border Collie + English Setter), 2 years old)
Panda - daughter of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months
Freya - daughter of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months
Tidnab - Britt's puppy - son of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months

I think we've firmly established that we love animals in this family. Maybe too much, if that's even possible.

Yes, we're moving into this blog!

Yeah, we're here...just settling in.

Our first blog post is coming!