Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cast of characters in Meet the Sninchaks

Cast of Characters (as of 2015, so adjust accordingly)


Paul Sninchak, age 46 - husband
Bev Sninchak, age 50 - wife
Brittany, age 23 - Bev's daughter, Paul's stepdaughter
Jonathan, age 26 - Bev's son, Paul's stepson

Harley - Ring-necked dove
Isis - Black cat, 14 years old
Lucy - Orange cat, senior - *Updated: Lucy passed the end of 2015. Rest in peace :(*
Cosmo - Rottie/Staffy dog, 6 years old
Bandit - Britt's dog - Sheepdog mix (unsure if Aussie or Border Collie + something else), 4 years old
Loki - Sheepdog mix (Border Collie + English Setter), 2 years old)
Panda - daughter of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months
Freya - daughter of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months
Tidnab - Britt's puppy - son of Loki and Bandit, age 8 months

I think we've firmly established that we love animals in this family. Maybe too much, if that's even possible.

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