Friday, August 5, 2016

Meet my great grandparents!

Last night I put a crow feather into my hair. Forgot to take it out while I slept and it was still in my hair when I woke up. My hair was all mussed and I mentioned how I forgot to take it out of my hair last night. Tara said, "You look Indian!"

What she said made me smile, because my great grandmother on my birth mother's side, Lucy Anetta Ray, was Tuckahoe Cherokee (as confirmed by Norma Gray Ellis, the family historian/genealogist).

The vast majority of my DNA is Northern European, but at least someone sees the Tuckahoe Cherokee shining through, even if it's a little bit. :-)

Below is a pic of my great grandmother and grandfather. You can definitely see the Cherokee/Native American in my great grandmother's facial structure (high cheekbones)—and her neck looks long, too! Their daughter, Mary Dilley, was my grandmother (my birth mother's mom).

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