Friday, October 23, 2015

[Bev's Dream] A concert, a tragedy, getting lost, waking up sore and numb

This is one thing you'll find out rather quickly, and that is I have weird dreams. None of this butterfly, unicorn, cotton candy stuff for me—no sir! I have weird, intense, and often disturbing dreams. Sometimes I share them because I want a record of them (because, unfortunately, some of the dreams I've had have come true. Here's the latest (don't say I didn't warn you):

Woke up after a crappy dream about being at a concert venue and there was a shooting inside the arena/colosseum. You could hear the agonized screams of the people whose loved ones were killed or injured. 

I was with my first husband, Gary, and shortly after he left to use the bathroom and I was so freaked out I grabbed the hand of the guy to my left (a stranger) because I was afraid. Then everyone began to leave and Gary wasn't back yet, so I was freaking out because I didn't know where he was or remember where the car was parked. 

Strangely, there was a long, light blue casket-like object laid out the entire length of the exit aisle that we had to walk on top of to get out of the venue. I exited, then snuck back in to find Gary (security guys were posted to keep people from going back in). Finally saw him and called out to him. He didn't hear me at first, but I eventually caught up with him. 

It was a stressful dream and my whole body was tense and sore when I woke up. My right thumb is also numb and it's been that way since I woke up. Hopefully the numbness goes away soon. Soon as my brain is awake I'll answer messages & be able to think clearly. But first, food & drink! Back soon.