Thursday, October 8, 2015

Guess who's coming to visit this weekend?!

Been offline for a couple of days, so it may take me a bit to catch up. Today started out crappy, but then I got the best surprising news in a while -- my son Jon, his awesome girlfriend Cait, and their dog Jack are coming to visit us for a few days! I'm so shocked and happy that for once I cried tears of joy! They will arrive late Friday night and will stay until Tuesday when they'll have to drive back to Chicago.

Jon was supposed to keep things secret and surprise me when they arrived, but he knew I was feeling down today and ended up telling me (much to the chagrin of Britt & Paul, who both already knew about the surprise). I'm glad Jon told me, though. I'm so freakin' HAPPY right now that Paul, me, the two kids, Cait, and Jack will all be in one place for a few days! ;-)

Photos will be forthcoming, of course.


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