Monday, January 18, 2016

Life is for living in the NOW

Words of wisdom today from esteemed author Raven Grimassi. Hit the nail on the head this morning with his post about living for today and not banking on tomorrow. Paul and I aren't promised tomorrow or even years into the future. We have today. That's it. And today we know how we want to shape our lives and what will make us happy. Having a home base here, in the form of an RV, with the ability to travel and even go on paying travel assignments, is what we want.

I've already lined up a couple travel-related resources that will pay me for my travel articles in addition to the job I got with the NYC company, plus a couple other fill-ins for income. I actually do have a strategy for things in my life that most other people don't quite understand. The questions they ask are ones I've already asked, explored, and researched.

Did the same thing before I quit my govt job to freelance FT 18 years ago. I don't talk about everything that I'm planning or have decided to do in full terms with everyone. Mainly because most people scratch their heads because they don't understand or get where I'm coming from. That's okay if people don't get where Paul and I are coming from. We know where we are coming from, and that's what matters the most.

I've spent the past nine years dreaming about this lifestyle. I grew up a military brat and traveled a great deal. I'm used to being uprooted. Though we plan to keep home base HERE because of family and friends. One day in Oklahoma in June of 2000 I woke up and decided that I didn't want to be away from Colorado any longer. Two weeks later, we were living in Colorado. Same thing happened after high school and in 1985 and 1990 as well.

Life is ever-changing, and you should be as well. I mean, if you truly want to experience life and meet your fears head-on. Does uncertainty bother me? Sure it does! Can I allow it to stop me from living life and, perhaps, having once-in-a-lifetime experiences with Paul that we may not have had otherwise? No, I cannot.

We sure as hell aren't going to get to explore Seattle, Oregon, California (we LOVE Cali!), the Grand Canyon, Maine, Upstate New York, Canada, South Padre Island, Key West, Napa Valley, visiting our son in Chicago, or visiting our friend Marti in Austin, TX unless we find a way to make those things happen. I wanna spend an afternoon at Key West or in Cali at the beach with my husband, daughter, and her fiance.

You can spend your whole damned life WAITING for the right time. Then you die before the RIGHT TIME ever arrived. Nope. I'm 51 and we've gotta make this happen somehow.

I can't wait another nine years, simply daydreaming about visiting those places. It's time to take action and somehow, some way, make it happen. Those who doubt me are unaware of my previous record of taking action in this life. When I finally decide on a course of action this big, it's not a matter of if it will happen, it's a matter of when.

The bottom line is this: Do not doubt a stubborn woman of Scottish/Irish/Finnish/Norwegian (VIKING)/Italian stock!

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