Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our house sold. Now it's time to move!

Update: the buyer we were working with bought our house at auction. This is a relief, because we will be dealing with him and not a stranger. This property is no longer OUR problem -- thank goodness!

We now have nine days to find somewhere to live. Our first choice is a camper, RV, or something similar. We already have a place to park it, thanks to our friend Lyn. We will live on her property in Falcon, CO, for a short while we get our feet back under us and decide which RV/trailer park we will use as home base here in the Springs.

We are also looking at houses, cottages, or apartments we can lease on a month-to-month or yearlong basis. If you have info about a house/apartment or, alternatively, a camper, pop-up camper, older RV, please let us know. Everything is on the table. We have a way to tow a camper should we find one to purchase.

Right now we need an affordable place to live. Doesn't not have to be a big place since we are already downsizing. Over the coming year, we plan to take trips once we secure a camper, pop-up camper, or RV. The end goal is an RV that can be driven, but we are in emergency mode right now, so HOUSING for us and the dogs is of utmost importance.

By Monday we will begin deciding on items we want to keep. Those will go over to the storage space we've reserved. We got the first month free for the storage space, thanks to our AAA membership, plus a $20 gift card. Also got a free membership to Hertz Gold for a year, just in case we ever need a rental car (we get a free full-day rental through AAA).

All for now. If you have any leads, please contact Paul since I'm in the middle of completing various writing/editing assignments over the next week or so. Thanks.

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