Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thoughts on things that own you, instead of you owning them

Taking a short break from packing stuff we want to keep and hauling it over to storage.

Interesting to note: The majority of the boxes we've put in storage are filled with books, DVDs, and VHS movies. We have an *extensive* horror collection—much of it B-movie/foreign schlock. This fact should tell you much about what we consider valuable.

In other news, I'm ready to get into the car and drive away from here. I'm so damned done with this place. When you have so much crap, it turns out that you don't own all that crap, it owns YOU. Not interested in being owned by a bunch of THINGS anymore that no longer have value.

We value our computers (and related tech stuff), books, movies, and our animals. Those are the primary things that make us happy. Besides, of course, our family/friends, new adventures, new places, new experiences, and the paranormal.

All the rest of this stuff is filler that does nothing but take up space.

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